Mike, thanks for sharing. It is great to hear more folks are opening up to this reality.

But I think the term UBI should be dropped, as it traditionally means wholesale charity, given by a central benefactor to the many.

What you are describing, decentralised crypto-fuelled wealth generation sounds more like UBP (Universal Basic Production), which is a means of equipping people to realise their own networked value.

Thus they are independent, no-one needs to come up with any cash to support them.

UBI comes from without, whereas UBP comes from within.

I don’t believe there is any place in such a system for even slightly profit seeking entities, except as far as an individual user node, but every individual in it has a very good possibility of making a very good living, and no-one will go without.

We can see this will produce a massive new wave of consumers with disposable income, which will give industry a much more lucrative (And honorable) market to do business with, rather than continuing mainly to chase meagre profits from supplying life necessities to poor folks at profit.

So everyone wins!


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