Mike thanks for posting, this is a subject close to my heart. I have a fifteen year old daughter, only child, like I was. At her age, for boomers, the world really was our oyster. Our generation had (And still has) the greatest opportunity in history to add such a critical mass of value to the world, that it literally becomes self sustaining. Somewhere along the line, we got distracted by the lure of just making profit to paper our own nests instead. For the most part, encouraged by societal trends, we invested in property. Hence the issue, at least in developed countries, wealth has become stagnant, it is not being circulated. For an increasing number of people living in that mode, costs towards the ends of their lives equals or exceeds their owned investments, so in the end, their lives will have contributed no net value to the world that we leave behind for our younger ones. I believe this will change with new technology which refreshes people’s view of human values, but how soon this is adopted depends on folk being made aware of the issue of stagnating wealth.


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