Mike thanks for posting. Interesting take on Medium’s effect on crypto, I hadn’t noticed that, but I guess it is no surprise.

I am still highly optimistic and read the signs that we are on a cusp of a grand awakening. Ai and blockchain will make a huge difference, when the potential for all people is realised.

Regardless of what anyone says, the uptake of crypto is still moving forward. Every day, new users subscribe, and transfer a little more value to it, exponentially.

The sun’s energy is infinite, and as yet, largely un-tapped, though we easily have the technology to replace all of our energy consumption with it.

When we follow that line of thought through to the impact it would make on economics, we reach a crazy conclusion of continuous infinite wealth generation, where that can be enabled for every person via crypto. No longer would anything need to be finite.

The zero sum game disappears.


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