Mike, I would widen this to apply to all western economies. Some of us in the category of having no real savings for later in life were influenced by witnessing older working colleagues, who saved all of their working careers, being cheated of some or all of their savings by the institutions in which they had placed their trust. Personally I am of the opinion that an economy based on scarcity, requiring us to have savings at all, is incorrect and unnecessary, since our primary energy source from which all our necessities for life are derived; the sun, is itself unlimited. I am confident we are about to witness a rennaissance, a transitioning to a new form of economy which more accurately reflects that unlimited aspect of nature, enabled by blockchain related technologies. Meantime, some of us working to that non-profit goal are experiencing some financial issues, as a result of investing all we can towards it. I am about to make some major life changes to enable me to carry on with my own efforts there. More news on that as it unfolds.


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