Mike I am fully in agreement with your argument and agree with your instinct, thanks for posting.

At risk of appearing to be on the wrong side (I am not, check out my other stories!) I should point out that the logic of sea level rise due to Thwaites glacier melting looks flawed to me, an Engineer, analysing also the recent publicity.

I point it out, to avoid it being something that comes around to bite well intentioned folk, arguing for change to avert environmental disaster:

Anything raising the sea level around the world needs to dump additional weight into the sea.

Thwaites glacier appears to be already largely floating, though still sliding down a slope of land under the sea. That means the bulk of its weight is already supported in the sea, so whatever effect it might have, has already mostly occurred.

The same applies to all glaciers and ice mass already floating.

The skeptics will claim flawed sea level rise estimates to be misinformation generated by scientists wishing to justify their research activities to their funders.

I might even agree there could be a grain of truth in that, but there is still undeniably an environmental disaster about to befall us if we just leave it there.

I find it more productive to move away from the arguments around climate warming, onto the subject of toxic pollution poisoning all life, including those of everyone arguing, raising our rates of illnesses such as cancer, as the pollution is now irreversibly in our foodchain, and it will continue to accumulate exponentially, as our hunger for energy increases.

Most folk wind up agreeing that poisoning ourselves is not clever, and we should stop before too late.

As far as I can see, solar power is the only answer.

The economic effects of that are profound, as for the first time in history, we would have tapped into a source of wealth coming from outside our planet, and that source is virtually infinite.


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