Mike I agree wholeheartedly there is a problem. I also do not think UBI is the answer. I believe the problem is disguised by a false perception of wealth, and that true wealth is diminishing rapidly, due to human value reducing rapidly.

Consider if by some miracle, we were able to convince the one percent to cash in their “Wealth” tomorrow, to buy food for the starving millions.

Banks would simply not have means to support that demand. They would close, and the world economy would collapse. So the perceived wealth of those billionaires is not real.

At the heart of that problem is the fact that most of the modern business world does not actually generate real wealth, it just extracts what can be had from the majority, and in doing so, enslaves it, thus reducing its value to zero. If we likened human value to oil, modern business has been fracking it for decades.

Business is consuming the consumers.

The only way it will change, is to start using technology for what it was meant; to assist us to do what we were meant; to use our very valuable human abilities to add real value to our world, even our universe.

Most of us are completely unaware that our very existence is valuable. No matter how rich or poor, we have a human purpose, to add value to our world. Machines cannot do this, and as yet there is no sign they ever will. We can realise this by taking control of our own data and monetising it. That human data is unique to each individual and cannot be produced by a machine. The more of us who do it, the higher the rewards.


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