Mike I agree completely, thanks for posting.

I have come to pretty similar conclusion on where we are, but what needs to be done might be much less than we might expect, given we are not alone in writings like these, and those are having an effect, however small.

I’ve written well over 2000 articles on it now in Medium, but have have noticed lately a profound drop in circulation.

I suspect you may have noticed the same thing also, in your stats.

I believe this is how we experience the system automatically working to suppress the future.

But suppression is a measure which indicates some desperation.

As far as I can tell, the future is non profit, there is no possibility of a future with profit.

But all media is currently profit driven, with algorithms working to promote only narrative which generates profit.

Therefore messages and dialogs like ours are automatically, if not explicitly manually suppressed.

But we know if we keep chipping, eventually the problem will crack, as it always does.

So onwards and upwards, the important thing is to not allow the system to gaslight us.

I see a very simple way to explain the fundamental problem now, having explained it many times, we get better with practice, of course.

It is best explained by a question, I think.

It can be asked of any scientist, politician, economist, religious figure, investor, or whoever, absolutely anyone concerned.

Thinking about it forces our minds wide open, if not already so.

It goes something like this:

How can all of the wealth of humanity, and our planet, be represented by a fixed money base, when all along, sunlight, which we know is directly interchangeable with matter, information, and currency, falls on us and our planet, gifting us with continuous, free, natural wealth?

When we think about that, it becomes obvious that our money base has to change, from a fixed quantity, to something continuously expanding, to accommodate what is continually expanding wealth.

Then we try to think how that might be achieved.

We quickly realise that the sun, the original source of everything we know, thus the source of all wealth, has not been included in our economic system.

That is until very recently, if we also know about Bitcoin.

It currently converts more than a country’s worth of solar power, directly to currency, on an ongoing basis, and the only way it can continue to do that, is to keep scaling up the input energy in the only way “profitable”, by adding more power.

So, for the first time in history, actual natural, ever-accumulating physical wealth is being added to the world economy, from the original source of all wealth, where that wealth comes for free.

But that still isn’t accounted for by conventional economics, which only considers things for profit.

But now we can see, the question of “How will we pay for it”, is easily answered, now that we know there is a continuously expanding free budget of wealth coming into the world economy, it is even being monetised, as long as Bitcoins are being generated.

The consequences of that are huge, and maybe a little scary for folk who might have lived lives with the very best of intentions, always investing for the future, counting on their pensions and investments to sustain them for the remainder of their lives.

The end of scarcity means the end of value in all fixed assets.

Who needs investments with endless free money?

So of course asset values plunged in the markets, including even Bitcoin and gold, whilst the dollar value soared.

And the price of oil, even went negative.

And companies declared bankrupt “zombies” are sustained, because they offer products we still want.

And the environment recovered a little.

We saw it all happen with the issue of massive stimulus in the earlier stage of the pandemic.

We were literally paid to stay home and donate some free money to the markets, and we did, to the things we decided were important to us.

Just for a short while, we had that brief glimpse of how things should really work. That was real democracy at work.

Then, with time to think about it, we maybe also realised how wealth works in nature, that with a fixed money-base economy, all we could ever do was shift wealth around, in the old “zero-sum game”.

Not much of it actually generated much value, since a very large amount of effort went into just pushing the money around.

Instead, at the distant ends of the supply chains feeding all of industry in the developed world, other people, and our planet, in the undeveloped world were being increasingly plundered.

They still are, but not for much longer, I think, though it could still get a lot worse before it gets better, depending on how well we are seeing what is actually happening, therefore might react appropriately.

What has fuelled all of our industry has been taken exclusively from Earth, until very recently via solar as mentioned.

So, our human debt as defined by economists is very real, but not owed so much to one another, but to our planet, for the energy we took from it, not acknowledging that it originally came from the sun, for free.

That could all be put right tomorrow, if we somehow had instant global enlightenment, such that our authorities unanimously instructed banks worldwide to reassign all human debt to an IOU to our planet, and to begin immediately issuing free money towards infrastructure needed to pay that back down by the only way possible, by world scale implementation of solar power.

Specifically, unlimited free stimulus could be issued, adding to the IOU, with revenue from solar power, the only thing it can be paid by, subtracting from it.

That done, we would see an incredibly rapid expansion of solar power, with all humanity aligned behind the common goal of paying down the IOU.

But of course enlightenment is going to take some time. Worst case, longer than we can survive.

However, there is another grenade that nature has planted in the mix.

Bitcoin cannot be minted forever.

Bitcoin itself was designed to obtain a genuinely fixed money base, in response to seeing how banks and establishments manipulated money values to their own ends.

So the main design feature, the one “on the tin”, is to enforce scarcity.

The last coin is scheduled to be minted within the next few years.

Then, a very large amount of free solar energy will hit the world grid.

The effect of that is likely to be similar to what we saw when massive stimulus was issued, only this time it will be nature supplying the stimulus.

The rich, who don’t really need the money anyway, will try to take as big a gulp as they can, as they did before, but it will spill out, just like it did before, forcing the economy from one of controlled scarcity, to one of forced, infinite donation.

So we could adopt it now, voluntarily, saving a lot of unnecessary deaths, or later, at the cost of possibly millions more unnecessary deaths.

That is the choice really, as I see it.


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