Mike, I suspect you are playing the devil’s advocate here. If not, don’t give up hope. Sure, blockchain appears to have a fundamental scaling limitation. But crypto-currency technology is already moving on beyond blockchain, to things that have the opposite scaling characteristics. The more users, the better it works. IOTA is an example. Sure, the price of it is following the same negative trend, but only because most folk don’t understand the difference between this and blockchain, it is truly hungry for users, and always will be, no upper limit. The more users, the better it works. Even better; no transaction fees, no miners, and best of all; it has the same fundamental operation as a deep learning neural network, so lots of inherent Ai possibilities. Some might argue there appears some centralisation issues in the way it is currently run by the IOTA foundation, but this looks to be only necessary whilst the network is in infancy, running at a tiny fraction of its designed capacity for many billions of users. I am sure there will be others based on similar infinitely scaleable alternatives, but IOTA will hold the same status as Bitcoin in this new breed of unlimited inherent Ai distributed ledger; it will be the first, with a substantial head start on the others.


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