Michael, thanks for your reply.

My apologies if there is somewhere I might have implied you or any other investor is irrational, that was definitely not my intention.

Nor is it to cause confusion.

My point is to highlight that investments become no longer necessary or desirable in the presence of free money.

By free, I mean freely issued; it costs nothing to issue, therefore nothing can reasonably be asked in return.

That taken to the logical conclusion, removes scarcity.

Now, empowerment can be transmitted electronically to every networked human in a form which has no limits.

That obviously isn’t Bitcoin or gold, or anything else of limited supply.

We can call it energy, information, money, or whatever.

Allowing and enabling those to become directly interchangeable, and always given for free seems overwhelmingly wise, to allow us to move beyond raping our planet and feeding on our fellow humans for an existence.

The point is that there is technically no longer any need for empowerment to be limited, or for it to be considered only in the form of discrete packets of asset.

Markets become something completely different when we are trading in the absence of any need for profit, as we seem to be doing in the presence of free money.

They become a worldwide voting forum instead, where we express what we see is important to us in the world.

Some investors are horrified by the idea of free money, as it makes something of a mockery of all the ideas of profit and capitalism, which many of us have devoted sometimes long lives to, so far.

But, I think most people agree it is time we moved on to something truly sustainable.

When we get our heads around it, that strange new world of always giving, rather than always taking, looks really pretty cool!


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