Meziechi thanks for posting. Like Dave Volek says, not many are willing to talk about this. Congrats, and welcome, into this very select group!

If you haven’t already read my feature story, please do, it will help put my responses to you into context.

We have always had a problem with the way money works, in that it does not reflect nature, which empowers by unlimited sunlight, for nothing in return.

In other words, debt does not exist in nature.

Nature does not willfully scarcify empowerment.

We have to dig really deep into history and human nature to realise what is actually going on, and the reason it has to stop.

It is nothing less than criminal in the eyes of nature, and humanity.

In a word; colonialism.

Why does anyone think we should act differently from the way nature works?

Of course there are consequences, and those are what we have been seeing, coming to a head now with covid.

The reason isolated economies failed in the past due to “excessive” money printing, is that in effect, they were sanctioned by other, stronger (more aggressive) colonial economies of scarcity.

Sanctioning is the capital punishment mechanism of scarcification.

Sanctioning only works to bring an economy to its knees, when other bigger, more aggressive colonial economies can exert their wish to do just that.

But, now we are seeing all economies of scarcity facing the same difficulties.

There can no longer be a collapse of one relative to the others, as we are seeing, by dollar values being sustained by market forces.

That is unless there is a stronger colonial economy willing to sanction to destruction.

I would argue there is not.

However, that situation could change anytime, it depends on what the US does next.

Time to give up pretending anyone “Owes” anyone else anything, other than just their willingness to pitch in and contribute towards the good of humanity, by giving, (empowering), in the same way as done by nature, for nothing in return, like we would do our own children.


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