Medium why do you no longer appear to remember what I write?

So today, I did something a second time, based on how I had become accustomed to Medium working previously, I lost some writing which was very valuable to me, perhaps unrepeatable.

It was again written in response to someone else I was in dialog with, someone who stimulates some of my best thinking, in my opinion.

I spent around an hour composing these latest thoughts, into something comprising maybe twenty short paragraphs, nicely putting some information which remains stubbornly controversial into the shortest, most concise form which I have managed to date, the latest effort in the literally thousands I’ve made over the past few years.

I did this in the pop-out that now appears to the side of the page, when we respond now to the writings of other folks.

Then I clicked back again on the main page, and all of my writing was gone.

It does not appear in my stories, or in any way I can see traceable to my dialog.

It is gone.

Medium, this is an incredibly damaging capital offense commited by a writing platform.

All I can do is turn now to other things, until I regain composure and motivation to write here, which could be days, weeks, months, who knows.

It would be great if someone would reply here, if they know anything I don’t about this issue of writing stuff that just disappears now.

It never did before.




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Frederick Bott

Frederick Bott


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