Mark, I am sure you write with the best of intentions at heart, thanks for posting.

Something strikes me as strange at this moment; You have 1.4K followers, your story was on a subject in which over 300K people, including me, have expressed an interest. You wrote it more than ten days ago… but it only has 150 claps or so, zero comments, and I for one, am only getting to see it now.

Most of my own stories seem to fare similarly, albeit on a lesser scale.

Things are moving so fast now, ten days is a long time to delay relevant stories from going into interested folk’s feeds. I sometimes wonder if I picked the right platform, to convey suggested solutions to what are becoming some very urgent problems.

My latest opinion differs from yours I think, in that I believe the future, and the point of crypto is not to scarcify things, but to make them more accessible to all. That means the ideas of gaining and possessing wealth by investment in anything, including crypto, should not really be an option, and hopefully that is becoming the new reality, with free money.

More about that is in my feature story, if you would like to know more.

But isn’t it interesting, that we might appear to be being treated as if we are perhaps perceived as having a common, somehow hostile view, by the current platform?


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