Making Philosophy Reality

Why Open Source really needs formal Systems Engineering Tools and Techniques

Intended Audience: The VRENAR and IOTA communities

Open Source Achievements

The Open Source community has achieved some amazing stuff.

The Race

The truth is, there appears to be a race in progress, where the winner will literally take all.

Stepping up

Open Source has to step it up a notch to win.

Hurdles to MBSE adoption in the Open Source community

The problem of getting MBSE techniques adopted by the open source community is multi-fold. The main barrier is cost.

Lack of Awareness of Capability

Open source is generally done with little funding. It is quite often voluntary work. Practitioners have virtually no funds to put towards tools or training.

Design Justification

The study of utility as affects the outcomes of Metcalfs law predictions leads us to the following:

Design Status

As yet, I have been unable to express that part of the system in any other way than in the model.


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