Lorenzo, thanks for your cordial response. I think it vastly clarifies things when we can remove confusing terminology. You are a physicist, surely you can see that the term "Recyclable", or "Renewable" when used in the context of energy doen't really make much sense and can be extremely confusing to those who genuinely wish to learn more about the fundamentals of energy, from those already learned.

Further, when we equate energy directly with money, as we know is appropriate, since both labour and the promise of it (Debt), can be expressed in terms of energy, it vastly simplifies it when we highlight that it all came from the same place, the sun, that all energy available to us from Earth is in fact stored energy, bestowed on it by the sun, and that the only energy which we can use which does not deplete energy bestowed on Earth, is Solar, direct from the sun.

Since the conventional economy is geared to discrete packets of stored energy, it follows that we have always dealt with it in terms of discrete amounts of money, for which it can be exchanged, i.e. accounts.

Whereas, the energy from worldwide implementation of solar power is continuous, money from it is something that flows, it cannot be tied to any kind of static reference, such as gold, and it is always accumulating on Earth, added to our economy, which was closed, zero-sum.

It is only logical that it should be given for free to all people, to reflect the way nature works, and if we don't, then we only damage our chances of survival for our species, as we are seeing in the ever-rising body count of collateral damage due to the practice of scarcity control.

The ways of that unnatural thing that is controlled scarcity, are coming to an end, That appears to be the incredibly exciting reality.

To wish for anything else seems pretty illogical to me.

We are in transition, from stage 0 to stage 1 of the Kardashev Scale, which is an incredible historical event, humanity moving from infancy to adult, and we are lucky to be seeing it, I think.


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