Lockdown, lockdown

How to think of those as something really cool

I will avoid going back through the logic here, as it is a long story that began as PhD research, and became something much more, chronicled in over 1600 previous posts.

If you wanna know more, check out the stories featured in my profile, and linked from there.

But the bottom line is, money is free.

Really, I mean that thing we’ve all of us boomers busted our asses for, all of our lives, is absolutely free.

What does that have to do with anti-mask protests?

Everything, actually.

What is the real thing being protested?


Those who are enjoying privileges in life, and those who are not.

And the money is free, because it can be traded off against the free energy of the sun, to be fully harvested soon.

That is what seems difficult to get our heads around. After all, we are talking about something infinite, for all practical purposes.

If we give away something infinite, as we have to, with free money, then we need something infinite to replace it, rather than more taxes, more bills, and never ending austerity, which has already bled us dry.

And it is there, the energy of the sun.

There isn’t some kind of conspiracy going on to cover it up.

The governments really are locking down to save people.

Little lockdowns and even National lockdowns won’t work btw, we need a worldwide one eventually, to finally put covid to sleep for good, but it looks like we need to play out the game of whack-a-mole in grand scale to find that out the hard way, until free money is realised.

It is more like we have been suffering from a self-inflicted illness, like a dangerous, addictive drug.

The profit monster.

We are all still suffering from it, everyone trapped on both sides of the inequality divide.

Ever seen an unrecoverable addict kill themselves with their addiction, never admitting it was ever a problem?

That is what we look like, right now, as a species.

All the money ever spent on our habit has been at the expense of our planet, since what we’ve been taking out, with interest, was put there in the first place by the sun, for free.

And now the profit monster drug supplies are running low, as well as our planet becoming sick.

That might sound kind of spiritual to some, but it is actually hard, physical logic, fully traceable in formal systems methodology.

It is becoming more and more difficult to make profit at anything without resorting to what we used to call stealing, and even murdering.

Classic hallmarks of addiction.

The lockdowns mark the end of that old system of business.

Millions are losing their old jobs with no apparent means of further income.

Now, we have to move into the new world, a world in which money becomes something that nourishes and unites, rather than something that deprives and divides.

A world where all wealth, to all people is donated, from the sun, directly to us in a continuous flow, divided amongst, and distributed to all people, via what we used to call markets, like a beating heart in a living body, at one with nature.

It hasn’t started beating yet.

But it will.

It begins with demanding the free money.

There is no shame in that.

It was given for free by the sun, and it always will be.

Just as our governments are locking down, to save us, they also know we need free money, to save us, and will give it.

Everything else follows automatically, including putting the virus to sleep forever.

To beat the virus, we first have to beat the profit monster.

Then we’ll know real happiness better than its been known for thousands of years.

Then we’ll very quickly be ready for immortality, and interplanetary travel.




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