Let’s Get This Straight: Capitalism is Destruction of Our Environment, And One Another

Firstly, by capitalism I mean the practice of considering all things of value as being only things comprising fixed amounts of energy.

For example, a piece of gold, a barrel of oil, a kWh of electricity, an hour of work, a Bitcoin, all are considered things of value. Our current economy attempts to quantify all those things together, to put a fixed value on all things.

But the single, exclusive source of energy that created all of these things is the sun.

And it continues to create them.

Yet there is no component of value in our economy which accounts for this.

If we had designed an engine like the system of humanity, it would be an engine designed with no consideration of the fuel input to the engine.

Obviously it wouldn’t run for very long.

In the case of humanity, it is an engine comprising meat, living from the various forms of stored energy on Earth… Capital.

Energy rich capital is harder to come by in some places on Earth than it is in others.

So we have devised various means of consuming the energy of one another, to transport capital from the points of creation, to the points of consumption.

That is capitalism.

The only way out, is to change the way the gearchain of capitalism works. That is to change the value of money so that it no longer represents capital, but live energy.

When we do that, we will see things like Bitcoin, which appears to compete with us for capital energy, actually doesn’t.

It seeks out the cheapest form of energy, the only form of energy which requires no work to extract, that is the energy of the sun.

It doesn’t take long after that to realise there is no need to compete for the energy of the sun, it is infinite, and comes at no cost.

With that in mind we can design things like the Money-fuel Tree, which as yet hasn’t attracted much publicity, but will, when it is realised that is what we need, the thing that meets all of our energy requirements, even a new kind of money, and a new kind of economy.

It isn’t capitalism.



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