Leon it is good we are looking at things like this, thanks for posting.

I think it is important to emphasise, since it touches on the subject, it is easy to get side-tracked by profitable business possibilities, from the fact that the real innovation is free power, especially as the real free power source is infinitely scaleable, and completely clean.

That is the sun, and it already exists, no need to spend any time trying to create it.

The challenge is simply to collect it effectively.

From Nikola Tesla also comes the concept of a natural shell of charged electrons around the Earth, charged by the sun, which makes Earth effectively a huge spherical capacitor, with dielectric formed between the shell, and the surface of Earth by the insulator that is air, the energy of which can be tapped off at any point by a suitable electrode, or antenna.

If this is so, then the electricity is already distributed around us on a kind of giant electricity grid, there is no need even to devise significant means of distribution, since it is already all around us, we just need to find ways to collect it everywhere it is needed.

Why don’t we investigate this further?

Because there is no profit in it.

We don’t pursue free power because there is no profit in it, and yet it is the richest wealth source in our solar system, by definition.

Now we appear to have impending profit-driven disaster encroaching on all humanity from several directions at once, maybe we are seeing an increasing number of people beginning to think about this problem, and how to solve it.

A simple first solution is to suggest to world banks that the world debt of humanity, as known by economists, can be assigned as a global debt, an IOU to our planet, for the energy we have drawn from it throughout our known history, at profit, which was initially put there by the sun, for free.

We could then issue the stimulus needed to implement worldwide industrial scale solar power, with that outlay added the IOU, with the bill to be footed by the wealth obtained from the energy of the sun.

Then we subtract the value of the energy yielded from solar, from the IOU, as it is collected, and freely scale up as necessary to meet our needs whilst paying off the IOU.

From the point that the stimulus is issued, our world would no longer be simply profit driven, increasing numbers of population and businesses would be sustained entirely by donation from that source from that point onwards, until quickly, all people and all business on Earth would live on infinitely scaleable donation from the sun, passing it on to all who need it via the markets, where all individuals would pass on a share of their own donations to the individuals, organisations, and projects who need it.

A further enabling mechanism needed in that new sun-donation driven economy, is an individual crypto-currency generator per person, the tokens of which could be marketed, giving all individuals sovereignty and the capability of publicising and being funded for whatever technical or artistic endeavour they might come up with, that others might see value in.

Some might read this and dismiss it as some kind of “Utopia”, as if that justifies its dismissal.

I would define it much more simply as just “Survival”.


A further thought that occurs, on writing the above, is that if the sun really does charge the ionosphere, then there is a process of separation of charged particles which occurs on the sun’s rays (Which presumably contains equal numbers of negatively and positively charged particles), passing through the ionosphere. In other words, the ionosphere is like a kind of sieve, catching charges of one polarity, whilst allowing charges of the opposite polarity through. If so, then ground based solar cells are catching the charge of the opposite polarity. There seems maybe some potential for using the two systems together, to increase the power of the differential.


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