Lauren, I’ve watched your writing mature so quickly over the course of the past few months, now it is easy to forget you are still of a much younger generation than boomers like myself, I am glad you reminded in this post.

All credit to you.

Keep up the good work.

I, and I suspect a growing number of others like me, some as a direct result of writing like yours, believe in your generation. We know you can, and will get all of the good things you wish, and deserve.

One thing I would caution to look out for in this business of unidentifiable forces in the street; It seems only a matter of time until there might be a flashpoint between two or more groups of armed militia, mistaking, or even correctly identifying one or the other, for a group masquerading as unmarked policemen, therefore hostile illegitimate terrorists, thus legitimate targets for armed skirmish.

If that flashpoint ever happens, Trump will have gained the necessary excuse to implement martial law, then there will be no election.

I believe that might be a deliberate tactic in the “gameplay” of putting unmarked forces in the street, terrorising folk into desperate measures.

Maybe that won’t matter anyway, as you rightly said, election of Biden, or anyone put forward as an alternative by the corrupt system, won’t change a thing, but a flashpoint happening would mark a distinct leap in the deadliness of the situation.

More power to your elbow, I wish you well, a bloodless result would be the ideal outcome.

We are watching closely from UK, as our government seem determined to follow one footstep behind whatever the US government does, so we are very concerned in UK also, though we have little issues of official terrorism yet, it will not be long until we do, if nothing changes.

As I’ve written elsewhere, and notice you seem to have cottoned on to also, there is an instant remedy to all of the growing tensions, and that is free money.

It is obvious there is no reason to not pay people to stay at home, no adverse consequences long term or short term, only good, that will come of it. And how can they argue not to do, when it is being so obviously given to big business.

I think they will choose to pay everyone, when they realise there is just no other way of buttoning down the issues.


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