Kitty your English seems very good to me, much better than my Dutch (Apologies, I have none).

The VRENAR scheme might be considered as a kind of non zero-sum game, or hobby, with the benefit of generating income for each user, at no-one else’s financial expense, a kind of meritocracy.

The system is simply a method of monetising the value of the information of each individual.

The value of anything is whatever other people believe it should be.

In the thirties, with no internet, the entire population of a country could be isolated by an extremist minority from outside communications and made a giant social bubble, with the result that only a small number of people who were too afraid to point it out, could understand the truth. Hence the horrors like Nazism and Stalinism came about.

Now, social bubbles result from network clustering in social media. On analysis, those are an exclusive characteristic of centralised profit driven architecture.

VRENAR is based on a decentralised non-profit distributed architecture, in the same way as crypto-currencies to avoid the problem of social bubbles.

This also has stood many tests, extremely resistant to compromise by bad actors, even rogue governments, so the data of the network is much safer than in any centralised database.

We have seen the results of allowing minorities to control majorities.

For the first time in history we are within reach of technology enabling ordinary non-extremist people, the natural majority, to truly be in control of their own affairs.

We see maximum value, and potentially huge projects occurring when people settle their differences and work together in collaboration.

Business and geographical governments could carry on in business as usual, but now with a massive new market of consumers, with the means and funds to demand all manner of new products and services.

With no exclusions, all people would have a choice how much of their time they wish to spend in any activity; government, conventional business, a system like VRENAR, or any combination.

Shortages of any vital utilities, or any other issue of high priority to people would result in appropriate projects being raised to rectify the problem.

If we wanted the moon on a stick, we could have it.

Does this make more sense?


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