Kitty, thanks for posting, it is interesting to hear your impression. My own is a little different, you maybe remember my articles have always been about how non-profit systems of the future (Remember “Emma”?), will enable all of us to monetise our own valuable data in a finely democratised way that we are no longer competing with one another.

Lately, I’ve been finding it a little better, I am really happy to start to see positive relevant stories from much more influential others, with similar messages to my own, so at last, it looks like an awareness is setting in.

Maybe we attract different stories to our feeds, so are in different “Bubbles”, seeing different sides of developments. To me, the changes we’ve seen have been very positive, the fact that we are now aware of how Mr Trump’s techniques work, is a vast improvement over how things used to be, with previous governments being able to completely hoodwink most people into complete trust in everything said, and yet, they were quietly paving the way for the ultimate full on profit-driven attacks on democracy that we are seeing, not only with Trump, but with pretty much all governments and corporations of the world.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we, all ordinary folks, are a hive, equipped with the internet, working towards the eventual good of all humanity. The thing we should now be aware of, and fighting against, is that now there appears to be some concerted efforts to sabotage and remove this, the internet, the most valuable tool ever known by humanity, as in fact, it is a bit of a thorn in their side, this amazing thing they designed originally, ironically, as part of a war machine.


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