Kitty thanks for posting.

As someone who wishes the best for you, I am gonna stick my neck out here and ask you a pointed question, at risk of your wrath;

I think you might be the only person I know of who attributes loss of love whilst in a relationship to the onset of your depression.

Your writing seems consistently shackled to that theme, in my humble opinion.

Isn’t it time, and wouldn’t it be better for you, if you were to consider that maybe it should be the other way round; maybe your depression was brought on by the failed relationship?

If you accept that the relationship was wrong, and attempting to stick with that failed relationship is what actually brought on your depression, then you have hope that maybe the right relationship in the future could dispel your depression for good.

Otherwise you might worry for ever about getting in another relationship in case depression again strikes for no apparent reason.

You seem to me to be someone who would really benefit from the right relationship, like so many of us would.

If that turns out to be the case, I hope, and trust that unshackled, and maybe in the right relationship, you will keep writing in any case.

I think then we will really see your writing fly free on some amazing other things.


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