Kitty thanks for posting.

Some folk, maybe weird, like me, are actually enjoying this ride going nowhere and everywhere at once.

That might be partly why I love Engineering so much. Every project is a chaotic journey through unknown territory, that usually ends up with something cool.

I did laugh a little at your line “Are we there yet”, well put.

The current project that I think we can all engage in, in Medium, is the reshaping of society, to something new. Something much better than the old.

We all have a part to play, we are the System primary stakeholders.

Here in Medium we are stating our requirements.

When we do that, interacting with others, we realise it is pretty complex, a real job and a half.

But all we need to do is say how we want it to work, and if our feelings are authentic, as I know yours definitely are, one way or another, it will happen.

I wish all power to your elbow!


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