Kitanya, awesome article, great observations, thanks for posting.

I also just rewatched the Truman show just recently with my 17 year old daughter, after I’d cajoled her into it. She really enjoyed, as I knew she would, and as I did too. It is absolutely a must watch, even if the plot is a little spoiled by now.

We talked of the issues for days afterwards.

The movie shows Huxley dystopia, driven by greed for profit. Whereas classic fascism is Orwellian dystopia, driven by greed for governmental power and control.

In the genius move of putting Trump into power, the two nightmares are converged, resulting in the incredible arguments we see going on between red and blue, neither realising that what they represent, and are trying to defend, is exactly the same thing; dystopia.

Unfortunately the same dilemma more or less appears to be faced by the peoples of most governments around the world, including even China.

In a way, you could say that the collective of the US public is like Truman, with Trump as Cristof, and we in the rest of the world are the ghoulish, addicted audience.

Soooo… the good news is, if y’all there in the US haven’t been paid fairly yet, for your awesome performance, entertaining the rest of us in the world, you should push for it, your leaders are making a fortune out of you, make sure you get your fair share of the rewards!


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