Kesh, this is exactly how brainwashing ourselves works.

Slowly, we are removing the evidence of all of the harm done. The statues are only the latest phase of that.

We’ve done it all the way through history, at least since we became driven by an ecomy of profit and debt.

Keep going, and we will change all of the street names, theatre names, town names, in fact anywhere those names appear, then people stop using those names for anything, they become offensive, no longer talked of, then we can simplify the history of two civil wars to one, to reduce the amount of history that needs to be taught, to increase the margin that can be given to shareholders in the education system, and voila, we’ve whitewashed history.

So the racism becomes more and more systemic over time. It is now very complex.

We can read how this phenomenon has been recognised since as far back as the thirties, but we now need to wade through more and more and more “offensive” texts and artifacts, to see the truth.

The document I would direct anyone to, who doubts any of this is named the “Mis-education of the Negro”

Read it yourself, if you can get over the “Offence” you might feel, when you notice the title has a n-word in it, and hence the reason no doubt it cannot be presented to children in schools, for example.

All of this is to distract ourselves from the guilt we might feel, people of all colours, to be building on the ill-gotten gains of many, many, millions of lives given and taken as slavery, therefore it is ok to be continuing on now, working in the mode of personal greed, worshipping and coveting the extreme wealth of others, whilst living various degrees of scarcity ourselves.

The object of human life has become simply to take advantage of our fellow humans in whatever way we can.

We are a species eating itself.

Changing all manner of historical artifacts in wave after wave of shame suppression throughout history just keeps our eyes shut, and our feelings numbed, whilst we carry on consuming ourselves, as a species.

Everyone who argues for that, becomes part of it.


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