Kesh, thanks for posting. Of course we would love to live forever, and the longer we’ve lived, the more we’ve thought about it.

But for the moment, the opposite appears to be happening.

For a while, the trend was that our lifespans were becoming longer, but that seems to have peaked in the past ten years or so.

Even before covid, we were starting to see average lifespan decreasing, due to more and more people falling out of coverage of medical treatment, due to the increasing requirement for everyone to be able to pay for it by some means or another.

As industry has automated more and more folk out of work, it follows they have been less able to pay for medical care, so are dying earlier.

Add profit driven drugs to medical care, and we can see there is no profitable business case for curing anything, since a person cured requires to buy no further treatment.

The maximum profit case for any treatment is to manage the illness in a way that extracts maximum revenue from those treated, which obviously isn’t good.

Then add covid.

For sure we’ll see a step change downwards when life expectancy figures are analysed for 2020, compared with earlier years.

So the curve of the general trend of life expectancy is steepening, downwards, following a peak at some point in recent years.

And yet the profit made from treatments appears to be increasing, with big pharma still becoming ever more powerful.

So we have to conclude that profit is not really about life, it is more about death, and yet we live for profit.

After all, in any deal, the maximum profit scenario between one or the other parties in the deal, is for one or the other to die in some way that transfers maximum wealth to the other.

Profit actually drives death.

So there appears no business case in extending the life of the majority, unless more revenue can be extracted by doing that, which means the majority have to be maintained in some state of requiring to buy treatment.

So in the system of profit, we can only consider immortality for a few, at the expense of earlier deaths for the majority.

I don’t believe the majority is accepting that, or ever will.

It looks more like the system of profit is being rejected by the majority.

We have the complication of profit driven covid vaccines at the moment, but I am sure we will find a way to make those, and all other things at risk of being toxified by profit, truly safe, by commuting all to a new solar power driven, non profit donation economy which will become convenient very soon, in 2021.

I believe that will refocus all business and all humanity on a new goal of maximisimg revenue from solar energy, which is effectively donated to us from the sun, and is infinitely scaleable, so is actually boundless, resulting in the need for profit being removed.

So it looks like maybe we will finally be able to aspire to immortality after all, but first we will have to conquer the profit monster.

I think that is about to happen, in 2021.


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