Keir Starmer, Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak, and the Magic Money-Tree


We heard today Keir Starmer talking derisively of “Magic Money-Tree” Economics.

Well I got news for ya Keir, it actually exists, but it isn’t magic, just mother nature.

Promising growth, from dwindling resources is more magic than promising growth from the energy of the sun.

We all know plants grow from the energy of the sun, that isn’t magic at all, though it is a thing of beauty.

There is research now, at least here in Medium, which shows exactly how we, humanity will do the same.

Shame that neither Keir, nor Liz, nor Rishi appears to have seen it yet.

They will, nature insists, it is as inevitable as a baby being born.

But they will never admit it, because it means the technical end of capitalism.

Anybody know Keir, Rishi, or Liz?

Why not have a word in their ear?



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