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Kardashev Money is The Future

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Many tens of millions of people are poverty stricken, dying around the world whilst a very few others wield personal and corporate fortunes for profit which could buy the entire countries of those stricken people.

This, is in an age where we have seen space travel to the moon, and flown on commercial supersonic flights, though both of those technologies have been lost for the moment, the wealth that made them happen has not.

We’ve just recently seen the chaos resulting from for-profit mindsets being in control of decisions made around the covid pandemic. China locked down, eliminated the virus in China, and advised the rest of the world to do the same, but we chose to make a business of it instead. That we seem to be reasonably resilient to the latest strain, Omicron, seems more by luck than design, but the economic impact already done looks irreperable, by the current economic system.

“Bullshit Jobs”, a phrase used by the late David Graeber, to describe the phenomenon of people being in jobs we don’t really believe in, just to earn a crust, were the norm before covid, but now are being deserted in droves, by all who have any choice.

That choice, arguably, for at least a large portion of cases was made possible by the issue of Stimulus Funds during the first lockdowns.

With free money, we didn’t need to work.

Also with free money we didn’t need oil, hence the reason we saw its price go negative, for the first time in history.

Now we see scarcity enforcement again being used to try to force people back to work, and oil again being back in peak demand.

But, behind all of this, there is an undeniable, exponentially growing, existential environmental problem.

The pollution output of humanity, which is a direct hazard to human health and all of life by itself, may well be linearly related to industrial activity, but the global temperature rise resulting from it is not. That is a sharply rising exponential curve, which if we are realistic will have catastrophic effects within only a few more years, if even a modest rate of pollution output continues. In fact it is already doing so, in the form of recent heat-domes and other extreme weather phenomena never seen before, as well as a continuous loss of land and property on many land masses around the world.

Further, we now see riots around the world, by people in previously “Wealthy” countries, targeting people and assets perceived to be associated with ruling elites.

All of these things are connected by how our economy works, to provide unfair advantage and privilege to those holding capital.

Obviously it is an unsustainable system, which has to be changed.

The Way Out

As mentioned, the issue of stimulus had some major effects. Those enjoying capital advantage might interpret some of these effects as being not in their interests, so the official line by pretty much all established issuers of money, who also happen to be the main holders of capital, is that “We can’t afford it”, citing Austrian Economic principles, that all monies issued must be backed by product, and since there is a reduction of product, the issuance of stimulus has a negaive impact on economy, which manifests as inflation of the currency.

However, a new physical product, one that has only appeared in the past ten years or so, has so far been missed, or ignored.

That physical product is something donated from a source not already on Earth, effectively free product from outer space, the Joules of energy from our sun.

To date those have never been publicly considered as valuable product upon which money should be issued.

But now we see commercially available technology which can take the DC electricity directly from solar panels, and convert it to hydrogen fuel, which functionally replaces fossil fuels, with none of the pollution, or labor.

With that fuel, we see hard physical evidence of raw product in the form of Joules of energy which are additional to the existing economic capital of Earth, literally donated from outer space.

It does not matter if those Joules are used as fuel, or if they simply heat a humble rooftop water heater, they are used nonetheless, therefore their product should be reflected by the printing of money to represent them, or to be exhanged for them.

That is the only way to honestly accommodate this extra-terrestrially donated raw solar energy product in our economy.

For lack of a better term, we might identify this kind of free money as “Kardashev Money”, since it looks to be the financial Medium we will be using when we become fully solar powered, as we have to, at last attaining the status of Kardashev 1.0.

So there we see a basic income for all people, from a source of wealth which is donated by a grand external donor, the sun.

Considering all of the problems we are seeing, free money seems to solve pretty much all of them.

Who will do the Bullshit Jobs?

There won’t be any, if no-one needs to accept them.

All of the jobs, and for-profit businesses involved in the supply of all necessitites at profit will cease business, in the presence of ubiquitous stimulus, and will be replaced by businesses and people who actually wish to supply necessities voluntarily, people who actually enjoy contributing to humanity, just because they want to.

Schemes of equipping people with their own personal tokens which can be rewarded in markets by others appreciating their work are also routinely possible, and would be naturally incentivised by the scenario of ubiquitous stimulus.

The conventional issuers of money need to consider this physical reality.

The amount of solar power being put to use is increasing exponentially, as it has to, to meet the energy demands of humanity.

We are moving to Kardashev 1.0, with or without the cooperation of all humans.

If we do it cooperatively, we will experience much less pain, much less lives lost, and much less pollution done.

Otherwise, it will be a very rough transition for all, no matter how rich or poor.

For a more detailed, numerical look, checkout the story below:




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