Kardashev Engineering

Multidisciplinary Systems Engineering Domain, specialising in all of the disciplines necessary to connect humanity to the sun, as necessary to achieve Kardashev 1.0

Specifically, at the time of writing those disciplines are:

  • Solar energy reception / collection technologies
  • Direct solar powered manufacturing technologies
  • Solar powered reversible fuel generation, storage, transport, and utilisation technology, and hydrogen economy concepts.
  • Kardashev Economics including the concepts of Kardashev Money, and related proof-of-work concepts, as applicable to enabling a wholly solar powered humanity.
  • Money-fuel tree structural, seeding, and orchestration concepts applicable to optimal solar infrastructure roll-out with maximum speed, minimum pollution.
  • The concepts of first and secondhand energies and their relationships with economics, pollution generation, prevention, and rectification
  • Kardashev Systems Stakeholder analyses
  • In the case of Kardashev System Design Roles; General Systems Engineering, Modelling, and Simulation Techniques applicable to all of the above.




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Frederick Bott

Frederick Bott


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