Jordan thanks for posting, all good positive stuff. Great to see your story appears to be popular.

There are many people with many ideas. I have some too, and went through a phase of presenting them in great detail, to invite criticisms, hoping for a quick route to gathering together some kind of formal team, to begin implementing ideas.

It is turning out more that I now see seeds which I might have planted, being grown by others, which in my book is a great thing, since nothing I’ve proposed is for profit, there is no competition, I am one of the first to celebrate their successes, as a victory for one is a victory for all.

The systems approach you’ve mentioned is important. In case I might not be preaching to the already converted, a technique I would recommend as a long practiced professional systems Engineer, is to use Medium to capture all stakeholder concerns in a way that they become your system design specification in the form of a set of requirements. You can then design the system directly from those requirements, by producing system elements directly in response to the requirements, traced to each one, so that you can be sure the system is appropriate to, and meets all of the requirements.

I’ve found that over time, what started as a very complex system, needed to meet an initial set of requirements, has now condensed into something very simple, as some elements have already been implemented by others, yet still the essential thing that needs to be produced remains, as the requirements have grown to be ever more complex, with things like intrinsic robustness against Covid, and environmental considerations, so I am still glad to be yet to begin implementing.

More power to your elbow in your efforts, I wish you every success.


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