Jonathan this is something of an uncomfortable truth you wrote here, which might explain why it appears not to have seen much of “the light of day”.

In fact, you only scratched the surface, the story goes an awful lot deeper, as you might have realised since you wrote it, if you hadn’t already before.

We might see there is a fundamental problem with the way the economy works to put all people against all others and our planet, which thoroughly explains all of the problems, coming to a head since the onset of covid.

When we chase it down, especially by following the history of the data, we see that investments, and the tendency to invest, are at the heart of all of the difficulties, and in fact, there is no practical need to limit the issue of financial stimulus, since the evidence indicates that scarcity is no longer a requirement for any currency.

GDP no longer makes much sense, as a measure of economic wellbeing.

It is a simple matter of time before that is realised by the hive, and we enter a new paradigm of economic repararation.

It is not that the conventional zero-sum controlled scarcity model is/was always wrong, only that it became wrong since humanity became networked by the internet.

That has changed us in a way that we are obviously still largely struggling to understand.

In any case, thanks for posting, please don’t be gaslighted or discouraged by what can appear to be lack of human interest in your article.

Actually, we should interpret lack of circulation in the old paradigm as positive confirmation that we have hit a seam of truth.

Exciting times!


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