John whilst I agree with you on the individual minds thing; we all have our own thoughts and all that... yes, well… but... in fact, we undeniably do actually seem to be nearing a singularity, where the old world of scarcity is about to finally be inverted.

It is like nature has been playing a game of chess with us, and we are now at check, with a single move left, to "Mate".

If we are on the side of the old system, it can seem like the world is about to end, with the bulk of humanity seemingly facing mass starvation.

If we are on the side of nature, we are cheering, because in our opinion the right side really is about to win, there is no getting around it, short of a world war, which would be the end of everything anyway.

So to the only, and inevitable answer; it is to commute all human debt to what it really is, an energy debt to the planet.

That debt is huge, but finite, whereas the original source of the energy is infinite, that is the sun, and its energy is routinely available for free.

Until we plumb it in properly, we consider all energy taken from the planet to date as an IOU, we equate it to what we already call all debt, and write it all off, underwritten by a requirement to implement solar ASAP, with intermediate freely issued money, added to the debt, to begin eventually winding it back down, with the only resource capable of doing that, the free energy of the sun.

Then we turn on the free money taps, leave them on, watch the magic start to happen, and it will, rapidly.

The function of all people in that new system is to distribute wealth to the things we know are important. Every single one of us has a part to play in it, via the markets, which will no longer be traded in for profit, since everyone will be using free money.

That new kind of donation-democracy economy to me, appears inevitable.

The full spectrum of all of the reasons why are more than a PhD, believe me, but a few more of the reasons why are here:

More still, in this one:


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