John, thanks for that, good to know your view. We seem to have got on to the same point, that money is no longer a store of wealth, only a medium of transfer.

The reason I find that very exciting is that the action of money is finally coming round to model the only source of empowerment in nature, the sun.

In Engineering, we usually try to emulate nature with a model, and money is just a model, of energy, which is the only other force in nature that empowers, money serves in the absence of energy.

The model should emulate both source and load correctly, to ensure the system dynamics are the same as in nature, and it looks like it does, with free money.

It has become a constant source, because it is free and limitless to issue, just like the sun.

Further, it seems reasonable to expect there will be an optimum non zero operating point which will set optimum level of money issuance, controlled by the market price.

In other words, up to a point, it actually pays to issue more, we can see that already. The same should be found of assets. Giveaways will be rewarded by greater returns on issued money.

Even better, money distributed to those who need it most will result in maximum gains in market price. The system self regulates, optimising on the point at which all consumers are balanced, which is where all people experience maximum rewards.

It follows once that settles to a state of equilibrium, there will be a natural encouragement for everyone to begin collaborating and sharing, even folk sitting on large piles of assets, they will soon realise life is far more rewarding being part of the generator, than part of the passive source, or load.

The one type of character it won’t affect much, as they appear to be already working in close to that mode, is Jeff Bezos with Amazon, though the workforce would probably change to volunteers paid by free money, (even better Jeff, way to go)

All of the profits of Amazon are already poured back into the company, with obviously very positive results.

Imagine the productivity and strength of a society functioning in a similar way.


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