Joe, your intention seems good, and I am sorry if this does not support your argument, but here is my cynical view of the sequence of events:

History - Obama was in power when Assange was arrested under the pretense of a setup, to smear his character. That was the moment when an individual lost his freedom for speaking freely, thus the same instant as we lost ours. He has not been free since.

Current - He is still imprisoned in UK, awaiting possible extradition to the US. All pretenses of him being held for any offense other than upsetting the US govt, have been dropped.

Future - Biden gets in, with the former prosecutor general, and emboldened by Trump's outspoken approach, renews efforts to bring punishment on Assange, removing all possibility of freedom of speech to criticise or whistleblow on govt.

What difference do you think Biden, or anyone else in any party will make?

To be honest, I think the real disgruntlement is between all people, and all government, so maybe I fit in the anarchist category you mentioned earlier, as I am “politically homeless”.

If you want my opinion, you / we are better off dealing with Trump, than anyone else, since at least he rarely masks his intentions. He tells us straight he is going to rip us off, so at least we have an idea how maybe to counter it.

With the others, like Obama etc, things are masked in a way that no-one knows what is going on until long after the things have been done and dusted, and they are all safely retired with their golden handshakes.


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