Joe, reading some of your other stories, we seem to think alike on many things.

Amazon is an interesting animal, I hadn’t thought of it replacing government but I guess it could.

I was surprised to notice the other day they are now offering some kind of blockchain in AWS. This is in addition to Ai, VR, and many of the other ingredients of VRENAR.

So in theory, one could probably build something like it using AWS alone. But that would be like building a virtual VRENAR; a simulation that could be switched off at any time when AWS got bored with it.

I used to really rate AWS before visiting Cuba. But there, found almost all internet services were cut off, simply by Amazon banning all Cuban IP addresses. For sure this would be completely necessary for Amazon, a US company, to comply with the US Cuban embargo.

But it was a bit shocking to realise just how much power a single commercial entity can have over entire countries.

Hey-ho, onwards and upwards.


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