Joe I have a slight issue with this story, which at the end of the day is your opinion, and noting your opinion of older men in another story of yours, I guess me expressing my opinion contrary to yours, will probably result in you labelling me both as a racist, and an older non-progressive man, of which I am neither, though I am probably older than you.

Hey-ho. Here is my opinion, in response to yours.

My issue is that you see anyone who believes the US civil war was about money rather than slavery, as racist.

To me, and many other people, it is pretty obvious all wars are about money.

To me, and those many others, we see the problem as brought about by the privileged, who generally don’t suffer from wars, or things like COVID, but rather, they profit from them, financially.

Now, the problem if we deny or ignore that simple fact, as I believe you might be doing now, is that it vastly increases the chances of yet another major war.

It will also perpetuate racism and inequality, probably until the next war, which again will be about money, because the inhumanity of some humans towards some other humans is almost always all about money, and privilege, at its root cause.

Most of the racism we are seeing is a symptom of financial inequality.

Most of the financially privileged will do everything they can to try to keep denying and deflecting from that fact, by lying not only to others, but also to themselves, as they do not want to admit the source of all of the problems we see is their own greed.

As long as we successfully keep denying or ignoring that, nothing will ever change, and as far as I can see, the US is the most deluded country in the world right now about money, and that is the real reason you are having the biggest problems about race, because you don’t see the real source of the problem, yet you are perpetually at war, with somebody or another, it doesn’t matter who, each other will do, if all else fails.

Thankfully, the internet is removing the historical ability of the privileged to lie to the underprivileged, so that is one good thing.

Truth will win in the end.

I wish you all the best, I know your heart is in the right place, but maybe you just need to listen a little more to the under-privileged, to know their plight.

And when you research the history of previous wars, look for the information that has been buried by the privileged, because you can be sure that they will have been on whichever side it was, who “won”.


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