Joe, great we seem to be converging, I hope and trust many others may be converging with us.

New technology has brought the prospect of a value driven world, with inherent UBI tantalisingly close.

The question of the future of government can be a spiky one, depending on who we work for :) I think it can seem as if non-profit crypto-currency value driven aspirations are contrary to fiat currency profit driven government and banking interests, but I believe the two need one another to exist in harmony.

I see regional governments continuing as fiat fuelled centralised profit seeking entities, providing products and services at profit to a massive new worldwide consumer market. As individuals perhaps employed in government, government subcontractors, or any other centralised profit based entity, we might have a foot in either camp. On the one hand, we could be crypto-currency fuelled individual consumers, looking to maximise our own value, and the value of that collective added to the world. On the other, we supply our valuable fiat currency profit driven products and services at profit to the collective by competitive offer.

As individuals, we would be free to choose which of either or both types of economy to participate in.

Does that sound reasonable to you?


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