Joe, great story. It is good to get your full take on how things are now, thanks for posting.

I more or less agree, but I still believe we can pre-empt much possible suffering, by way of open-source developing a non-profit people’s Ai, which could counter all of the negative effects of profit driven Ai. I believe such a project is already underway in pieces, in various open source communities (In addition to my own limited efforts with VRENAR), in multiple projects in the world. I have faith they will collaborate when enough of the folks who are instrumental, including even some of those you’ve mentioned, that we might have written off as lost to the zero-sum mindset, also arrive at this realisation, that the wealth of humanity is in fact limitless, exponentially related to our number, and its fruits cannot be limited to the few for much longer.

I just wish, with a wry smile, that they would hurry up!


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