Jim I am guessing you really believe in the technology you are marketing, so have the best of intentions.

But it doesn’t meet our requirements, unless you are synthesising thorium somehow directly from sunlight.

I didn’t see in the article how you obtain thorium.

The planet has finite resources, and finite stores of energy.

All we’ve ever done, in known history is consume those, together with a little of each other, via colonialism, and the mechanism of profit.

The only way our demand can be met indefinitely is to remove it from our planet, and from one another.

There are two ways that might be achieved.

One is voluntary, the other is extinction.

The only source of energy is the sun, and it is infinite, generally speaking, responsible for all of the energy stored on Earth, including nuclear.

So we need to transfer our demand to the sun.

There is no getting round that, it is the only external source of energy, and thus wealth.

We start realising that, in every way imaginable, with stimulus, unlimited stimulus, which costs nothing, just like the energy of the sun, which is the only thing that can sustain it.

Time we started getting smart with nature.

We don’t really have another minute to waste doing anything else.

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