James, whilst I agree with you that the content seems disturbing, and is undoubtedly a product of the neoliberalist age, I have a daughter who is a big fan of YouTube, and has often been left with it as her only form of amusement for one reason or another (Shame on her mother and I, equally, and separately), but so far as a result she seems far better adjusted to life, and more sensible than I ever was at her age without it. Sadly, the usual mode of making adjustments to things like this is to wait until some awful behaviour manifests in the children as they grow towards adulthood, or maybe even long afterwards. Effectively, they are the guinnea pigs, and probably not much will change if no real bad effects are observed in them. In the case of my daughter, touch wood, all seems well. I would be interested to know if any other parents are observing otherwise in their children.


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