James, the communism I’ve seen practiced just looks like another kind of oligarchy to me, with folk higher up the tree having more privilege, still operating on the basis of controlled scarcity, playing with the capital of power, punishing those who don’t fall in line, etc, etc.

The thing is we’ve seen a little free money, with some weird effects on markets not explainable by conventional economics of scarcity.

For the first time ever, people were trading with free money, thanks to the Robinhood app, they put money on things conventional traders were running away from, like bankrupt companies offering things people still want, even though bankrupt, in other words, they were donating, rather than investing. Folk like Warren Buffet ran a mile away from it, they were that scared because they couldnt explain it. That is the real reason the dollar went up in the markets, even though it was being given away for free, the rest of the world were buying it with their own free money!

It won’t take much to get that rolling again, a few more stimulus and they will have to just open the floodgates.

That changes everything to something we’ve never seen before, not communism, and definitely not capitalism, but something really cool.

I still have enough faith in human nature for that to happen. I don’t believe any government will be able to resist it.

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