I've written much lately on assigning world debt to an energy deficit with our planet.

No time or space to enter all the details here, but I have done pretty much all of the systems analysis that needs to be done using my skills as a systems architect / Engineer.

The resulting system design has an identical, unlimited "Free money" crypto-currency generator per person, for all people, which enables them to offer their services and arts in the "market" together with the usual stocks, commodities, and national fiat currencies, as an informal service oriented architecture, which is no longer for profit, with all funds supplied by donation from solar energy, thus all people are donators whilst also being recipients, with funds routed by all people, depending on the things they like, towards the causes they see as important in the world.

In that system, the ideas of profit and scarcity are no longer relevant.

All people are equally empowered, it is up to them how they wish to market themselves, but all have value, and are automatically rewarded for that value.

The first step in achieving that system is for everyone to demand stimulus, unlimited stimulus. That done, there is only one source capable of paying back down the resulting "World debt", and that is the energy of the sun, which makes perfect sense, since the world debt actually represents the energy taken from our planet using the mechanisms of profit, where that energy was put on the planet originally by the sun, for free.

Of course that financial solution and system removes all burden of energy production also from our planet, allowing it to completely recover.

You might be particularly pleased to know that talented artists and arts performers of all kinds will do very well in that system.

I am interested to know how to join the RSA community?


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