I’ve Uninstalled the Medium Android App

After almost six years of using Medium, both on Android App, and on Windows PC, I have uninstalled the Android App, as I find it now intolerably unusable.

I wrote a story before on the problems it has since being updated, but nothing has changed, and I have not been able to find any workarounds for the issues, which are fundamental.

The final straw came today when I was trying to respond to a writer Benjamin Cain, in a fairly complex conversation, when, due to the confusing way the app fails to deal with responses, I realised I had posted in the wrong place, not in reply to Ben, but as if ignoring his reply (Sorry Ben, for any confusion caused).

I tried to select and copy my response so that I could delete the one in the wrong place, and paste in a new response, in the right place.

When I looked at what had been pasted, after deleting the original, it was only about a third of what I’d wrote and made no sense out of context.

So I had to delete that and start again from scratch. All in all, an hour or so work, in which I’d spent maybe twenty minutes or so on the original reply.

Things like this have happened to me in the app since it was updated, I have lost work countless times, as a direct result of the way it no longer does what is needed.

So I will take no more abuse from it, I give up with it now.

It is goodbye from me to the Medium Android app now, until it might be fixed or rolled back.

I don’t believe it ever will, as like I wrote in my original gripe, linked above, the unusable app serves to filter out a lot of users in poorer countries, which I don’t believe Medium actually wants to hear from.

What a sad state of affairs, I am very sorry to say.




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