I’ve highlighted two statements in your response where I think completely the opposite applies.

Your view seems influenced by not having any other scenario to compare.

Maybe also for you, working might be a distant, now fond memory.

We are not free to choose which jobs we would like to do. At best, even at expert level, it is always a compromise. When working in for-profit mode, far from us working optimally, we are actually working in a vastly compromised mode, most of us describing what we do as next to useless, in “Bullshit jobs”.

Imagine the funding of Nikola Tesla, for example, had not been removed.

He was building a system to deliver both free power, and internet connectivity to the world.

That would have resulted in the complete breakdown at that time, of all profit driven industry, since it was all built on oil sales.

All technical projects from that point on, would have been in the interests of humanity, not profit, and all people would have had the choice to work on whatever they felt drawn to.

Tesla himself would have moved on to perhaps space exploration, there would have been no world wars, no nuclear bombs, and Einstein and others could have joined Tesla. Great names of medicine would have worked on genetics much earlier, perhaps cracking something close to immortality, with the result all of those great minds could still be with us now, still young, and by now, visiting the stars.

There, another scenario for you.

Which is best?


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