It’s official, the Tories Have Lost their Senses.

Frederick Bott
1 min readMay 26, 2024

So Rishi and Co are trying to re-introduce national service.

Did Rishi ever have to fight in a military? Did Rishi ever have to do anything, blackmailed or ordered at threat of removal of the money he needed to survive?

No wonder nobody even held an umbrella for him when he was stood in the rain in one of his famous £1500 suits getting soaked, whilst announcing the July 4th UK election.

And what will these kids be sent to fight over?

Ukraine? Russia? Palestine / Israel?


The real war we need to fight is between mathematically positive and mathematically negative energy use.

It’s literally the difference between destruction and creation, and the sooner “science” stands up to validate these systems Engineering findings, the better.

Meanwhile are we gonna let our leaders carry on destroying, but worse, ordering us to do it too?

I don’t think so.

Truth is much stronger than lies, and truth cools whilst lies heat, so the era of lying is coming to an end, truth is what comes next, and it’ll be a bit rough for folk that don’t realise how much we’ve come to live on lies.

Solar Indexed Stimulus has to happen, this is the only way out.