It isn’t true that there is “No Easy Way Out” of the environmental mess we are in.

Common Sense Argument

Frederick Bott
6 min readAug 4, 2022


It has been my fortune, or misfortune, to have come across the full nature of the environmental problem and its only solution by way of my experiences in life to date, which have included thirty years of Systems Engineering relevant practice.

In recent years, this has gone as far as working towards a PhD in a deeply metaverse related project, until I came up against an immovable object; the problem of how to fund a truly sustainable virtual world, with no requirement to draw income from users, so as to maximise the utility of said virtual world.

The subject of my research was a series of humanity enhancing products which depend on the existence of such a virtual world; a single, unbeatably competitive, even monopolistic virtual world, since the products of my interest could only deliver maximum value to all poeple, if such a world exists.

That world, would require that all users can make an income from it. This is the opposite of the world drawing an income from users, and would result in a Metcalfe utility of greater than unity. In other words, it would be irresistible by all people. Of course we would use it, if it pays us to use it.

A fundamental formal tool of Systems Engineering is modeling. This also happens to be my specialism. My usual roles usually include “Model-based” in the role descriptions, to denote that I do everything by models, absolutely everything. These are often simulateable, to simulate the effect of physically built systems and components, before they are physically built, thus saving a lot of expense and wasted time.

We use specialist tools to do this, created over again more than thirty years, with literally armies of PhD level expertise behind them. So those tools are expensive, but immensely powerful, giving Engineers with minimal specialist domain experience the “Muscle” to create complex multidisciplinary system models, which can be tested to distraction, and which after such refinement can be quickly built as physical systems which work perfectly, “Straight out of the box”.

So it occurs naturally to me as a model based thinker, that a virtual world is actually a simulateable model of the real world.

So any problem highlighted by a virtual world is an actual problem of the real world.

The problem I see is with energy.

To be able to issue free money to all users, free energy is needed at the input to the virtual world, otherwise it is impossible to issue free money to all users, since there is at the very least an energy bill which has to be paid. Conversely, with free energy there is always excess wealth which can come about, provided the free energy can be scaled to suit our desire.

Energy converts directly to wealth, it is that simple.

The very same problem applies to the Real World.

Energy from Earth is finite, relative to the rate we consume it. No matter how we extract and consume it, it all comes from sources which have to deplete, and will exhaust. Exhaustion of a source might be deemed to be when we reach a point that we can’t survive further use of it, even if more of it seems to exist, we simply can’t survive using more of it.

Further, that energy from Earth requires labor to extract it, and the process of extraction generates pollution, which like the energy it replaces, is cumulative. As the energy depletes, pollution accumulates, to a point that now we have to see the pollution as the actual limiting factor, rather than the apparent availability of further materials from which to extract energy.

But a solution, the only solution becomes clear, the more we look at it.

It is the sun.

The energy from the sun is delivered to us for free, donated. Those Joules require no work to receive them, after a suitable interface is created to do such reception, like solar farms. The Joules from the sun are literally pushed to us for free from the sun, with nothing asked in return.

Now it is absolutely essential that we use them. To do that, we have to effectively convert them to what we see as valuable, and that is money.

When we do that, and I deliberately say “when” because this is inevitable, it is the only survivable option, we will absolutely overcome all of the problems which we might currently think are insurmountable, or which we might not even be able to see at all.

The System Analysis of the before and after scenarios, of the transition to 100% solar energy by way of issuing Kardashev Money, could not be more stark.

We start to get a clue when we look at what “Bullshit Industry” means.

Kardashev Money is absolutely the key to ending Bullshit Industry, and beginning on a new path of only doing what we really want to do, as a species united.

When we issue this, we will see an instant change in everything we do, from negative, to positive.

Following all of the implications through to conclusion, we see a very different world, confirmed as our destiny, with the only condition being that we just have to make this change soon enough.

Since the nature of depletion is something exponential, with the outcome of it depending on many inter-dependent exponential things, the result is a multifactorial hyperobject. So we really can’t identify the real point of no return. Though of course it exists, we have not passed it yet, I believe, but we seem to be very much “On it”.

Now the question is do you believe we can and will make this change, or not.

This is where we come to faith.

This is the point when we should realise religion was right all along.

It is all about energy.

Every riddle in religion has a simple energy based message behind it.

To fix the energy problem we need truth, just like religion says.

We need truth, to understand that right now we are just like the shoot of a new plant which has just begun to sprout its first leaves.

Humanity has just sprouted its first human equivalents of leaves, all over Earth.

So donated energy is already being received into the system, but it is not being reflected by issue of money.

The only way we can reflect this donated energy by money is to issue it for free, to all people, this is how we have to empower all people.

As a direct consequence it is the only way to rescue the value of currencies, because as they become less and less representative of actual product coming in, the Joules from the sun, the most valueable product we can imagine, money will continue to devalue, because it is increasingly becoming meaningless. What does money mean, if it can’t represent the only product which is the saviour of our species?

This isn’t about our species dying, it is about our species actually just being born, like a new baby when first exposed to the unlimited energy of its environment, it doesn’t know how to draw the first breath, but learns quick.

We drew the first breath when 4Tn stimulus per month was issued at the start of covid, but then we stopped breathing again, and now we are suffocating.

To start breathing properly, we need to again begin issuing the stimulus, and just walk away, leaving the taps on.

The markets know this instinctively, and that is why we see inflation which will continue to spiral out of control, until the required fix is implemented; the issue of Kardashev Money.

Of course all establishments and individuals in the brackets we might identify as “Bullshit Busines”, will deny this until the very last minute, before they acknowledge this inevitability, because in their experience, they could dictate how money worked.

But now nature is taking control, they are losing it to the higher authority which is nature, and they should feel no shame in that, and we should feel no animosity towards them for not understanding until now, none of us were aware of this information, driven as we were by all things for profit.

My own turn-around as mentioned was during PhD research started in 2017.

Before that I was amongst the worst of capitalists, I had patents, and always wanted to have a “world class” manufacturing company.

Now, seeing where we are, and where we need to go, I know we can have a much better world than the one folk of my age have spent most of our lives living in.

The world of tomorrow is not Capitalism.

The world of tomorrow is Energyism.