Thoughts of today (And lots of other days)

Ever noticed we have a tendency to claim things?

We are trained to claim things, by those who’ve claimed the biggest things, to make them feel better about what they claimed. By that we all share the responsibility of claiming things for ourselves.

Yet we try to teach our kids not to be selfish or, at least, we used to try.

The reason for that, at least in the Western world, stems from religion.

“Thou shalt not covet”, was a rule we used to have some respect for.

But now religion is ridiculed, especially by those arguing mainstream science, which we can easily see itself is driven by profit, against another old religious guideline.

What is the difference between claiming knowledge, and claiming property?

None, as far as I can see, even as a former patentee myself, I can see now we were very badly deluded.

Having learned an awful lot since then, it seems clear to me now, none of us has any right to lay claim to anything we know, or discovered.

All of it is a product of our inheritance, knowledge built over probably hundreds of thousands of years of developent, if not more, and we should be ashamed of what has been lost as a result of becoming covetous of it.

I hate to say it, but the idea of personal property of any kind, taken to conclusion, is bad.

Really bad.

Now we are living on a planet starting to burn under heat-domes, driven to keep carrying on doing the harmful activity of capital extraction by hordes of people claiming personal posession of “Wealth” in the form of hoarded capital, in the practice of “Investment”.

And we still seemingly have to support it, to earn a crust, at risk of being made homeless and destitute if we stop.

I’ve written about the solution to end all of this, throughout my 200+ stories in Medium.

The end of all misery, all crime, people dying, starvation, planetary pollution, slavery, colonialism, and technical capitalism, it all ends when we connect to the sun.

When we do that, we will be standing under a waterfall of live energy, which is truly wealth, more valuable than any amount of capital, because with that, and our knowledge, we can create any amount of capital, just like nature.

But not many seem to be able to see it, far less understand it.

The algos are designed and driven by profit, and that is the reason my anti-profit posts are relegated to the bottom of the pile, effectively shadow banned.

The knowledge of all these things doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to all of us.

But the system doesn’t want it to be public.