It isn’t Covid we need a vaccine for

It’s profit. If we had a vaccine for that, all other things would be solved.

And it is there, the anti-profit vaccine.

Its called the sun.

We just need to take it.

To realise that there is no need for scarcity.

There hasn’t been, since we’ve had the technology to take the immense power of the sun, and start to use it as our infintely scaleable free power source.

But we are blinded by profit.

Why do we have immense areas of seemingly useless, uninhabited desert areas on Earth?

Why don’t we see that those areas are screaming at us to become the solar power collectors of humanity?

That was the real mistake made by Mr Trump.

He twigged that the sun might be a vaccine for something.

But it wasn’t just covid, it is profit itself.

We are blinded by profit itself, from seeing the simple truth that the power of the sun is the answer to all of our problems, including profit.


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