It is the more subtle things said by experts, which tell us much more.

The symptoms of the illness, not the existence of the disease, is what is being addressed.

In other words, whether or not a person transmits the disease is not the thing studied in the results, but whether or not the person gets ill.

Which makes perfect sense, because if the disease is removed, no-one can profit from it.

And if shareholders can’t profit, then they wouldn’t invest.

As another expert says, “Covid will be with us forever”

And yet, if we had no need for profit, as we saw briefly in the presence of massive stimulus, we could simply pay everyone to lock down proper, for a month or so, which is all China did to completely eliminate the disease.

As said, over and over, there is no scarcity, no more need for profit.

How much more death needs to happen, for common sense to finally triumph, over profit, and death?


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