It is interesting to compare with an illness like cancer as you say, by looking at the structural effects, to see some of the things a cure needs to overcome. As Aellé says, it affects all of us who are tied into the US business model, so the cure needs to work in all places.

The effects of cancer are that adjacent cells feed from one another by bidirectionally circulating and recycling poisoned nutrient amongst themselves. Thus the disease spreads between adjacent cells. Isolating those cells from their bidirectional dependence on one another, by introducing an external source of nourishment which can be distributed unidirectionally to each cell without need of recycling between them, would be one logical means of stopping the spread of cancer.

In traditional business, which is effectively all walks of life, people are forced to feed from one another bidirectionally by profiting from one another.

The obvious unidirectional external source of nourishment which appears disconnected is the sun. We ignore that by insisting on feeding upon one another bidirectionally. We always insist on a return for nutrient given out.

Further, as a direct result of that bidirectional peer-to-peer dependency which ignores the sun, we necessarily extract nourishment from our environment, to the detriment of that also, hence the environmental issues we see.

So the ultimate fix is to put in place whatever infrastructure is necessary to re-connect the unidirectional nutrient source of the sun to all humanity, in order to distribute that unidirectionally to all individuals, removing our bidirectional dependence from one another, and thus our need to expect any return for nutrient received, or given out.

An intermediate step towards that ultimate outcome, is for all banks and other money sources to acknowledge this, by assigning all expectations of return to be covered unidirectionally by the sun.

In other words, we assign all debt to the sun.

The banks and money sources can then freely issue all funds needed to attain that state, knowing that “The bill” will ultimately be met by the sun.

I think we are inevitably headed towards that solution, as there appears no alternative.

It will probably become most apparent when people again demand massive stimulus; many tens if not hundreds of millions of us, very, very soon.

Ironically, that demand might be interpreted by some as a kind of extortion, that if met constitutes a kind of bribe, which would probably be more likely to be met by the kind of the Trump camp, rather than the kind of the Biden camp.

But I could be mistaken, time will tell!


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