It is good you are looking for fixes, thanks for posting.

The problems that covid brought to a head are worldwide, unfortunately. It began long before Mr Trump, he is just the latest result in US.

Hence we need solutions that will work worldwide, not just in US.

The problem appears to be one of mindset.

We can see that nature does not operate on a basis of returnable wealth.

Energy is the empowerment medium of nature. The sun gives it out to all things that add value to nature, forever, for free.

Similarly, money is a human device of empowerment.

It empowers all humans to add value, to ourselves, our species, and our world. Without it, we perish.

To date, probably due to its history of being tied to the value of gold, it has been printed sparingly, only for the benefit of the already privileged.

When it is passed from person to person, it has always been as something scarce, in expectation of return, even profit.

To work correctly, it should be given out for free, to all humans.

Since its values are now determined by the market, via the internet, in which all can participate, it can be.

We should have no dependence on one another for it.

Otherwise, we fall into a simple, small mindset, of believing we must compete with all other humans for it, therefore we trust no-one, believing all others are in competition with us.

That mindset results in pretty much every division we know between humans, even to the cost of our environment.

All of our defensive competitive hierarchical societal structures are driven by it.

Whilst the mindset of believing wealth is something scarce, to be possessed more than given out, persists, nothing will change.


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